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Welcome to Fierce Beatz.


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There are several ways you can tune into Fierce Beatz. You can listen via this page, using your windows media player, winamp etc, and even through your Xbox. If you have access to a smart phone with apps, you can download a shoutcast app and search for Fierce Beatz Stream (or whichever DJ is on at the time) and listen wherever you may be.


Links to players (these cause less lag while gameplaying, they are a small file downloaded to your pc):


Windows Media Player:

Real Player:

Quick Time:

Check out Fierce Beatz IMVU catalogue for some great merchandise, players are always been added to the line up, including the latest holiday players. Fierce Beatz Store

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Do you play Runescape? Here's an awesome clan you can check out: Enticed! 


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Fierce Beatz Radio is fully licenced: Licence #LE-0006534

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